Top Pick

Image from David Monteleone's portfolio

This photograph was chosen from David Monteleone’s portfolio. When you first look at this image, there seems to be some sort of screen or vale covering the lens and giving the image a blurry affect; althought when your eyes look slightly to the right you can clearly see whom the subject is, seeing that she is the only one with a quarter of herself blurred out with the vale.  She is the only thing that is clear in the photo and is the most dominant in color. Seeing that the shot was taken from a higher angle, the moment your eye catches the clear colors on the right side instead of the blurred colors covered with a tint of orange, your eyes automatically are drawn to the subject.  The natural light in the image helps to give it a what looks like serious and sad moment in the womans life. It seems as thought she may have just received some bad news, or that she has had an epiphany like “what am i doing here?”. The vale of orange that covers the others gives you a sense that you are in the womans head and it’s just you and her. It gives the viewer the feeling that she is in her own world and is in deep concentration. You feel as though the woman is realizing that in that moment she does not want to be there. One would also think that these women are models and this may be backstage. It looks less glamorous than people would think. The photograph makes you stop and wonder what that girl was thinking of that could make her look so focused and concentrated. The simplicity of the natural lighting and what looks like boredom going on around the woman, shows the viewer that it is just a regular day. Sadness and beauty do come across in this photo seeing that the girl looks shocked yet struck by her thoughts. The choice of color in the image is great because it gives the viewer a warm feel, even though everything seems so spaced out and distant, you feel like you just might be there with knowing the colors and everything around. The colors have a way of pulling everything together, the distance between everyone in the photo and the colors; it makes it a more humane and natural environment. You don’t feel so much that you are looking at a picture, but that you are a part of the picture and can almost start talking to this girl while she day dreams.  While the models wait for the show to go on, and start  and preparing themselves, the subject sits still and ponders. On what? we will never know.


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