David Montelone is a diverse photojournalist, who covers everything from Milan fashion week to the corruption and disasters that happen around the world. Monteleone was born in 1974, and for years he had travelled with his family living in different cities and places in Italy. He had first chosen to pursue a career in engineering but later had given it up to move to the US and then the UK; and there he realized that he had an interest in photography. He had finished his studies in photography back in Italy, and now travels between Russia and Italy. He has put his talent with the camera to good use and has been a photo journalist since 1998.

Most of Monteleones body of work stems from disasters and events that have occurred in different cities around the world. His work varies from showing the joy in people’s lives, to the misery some deal with every day, or even simple out door pictures. He constantly presents the events that have recently occurred in certain parts of the world and the after math that the people must deal with. His work differs from political uproars, natural disasters, sports magazines, and his recent work in fashion at Milan fashion week in 2010. He is most definitely expanding his horizons with all the different type of works he does. His subjects are almost always people, whether it be one, two, or even three. He has a very abstract way of taking his photographs. His subjects are not always centered and there is almost always something odd about the way the picture has been taken.

Monteleones work is mostly done in Europe, specifically Italy and Russia, but he has travelled around the world to cover other events; mostly the wars in the middle-east. He has done a lot of photography in Russia, and the stories of his work vary from different towns and cities and along with different subjects. Most of his work has been done within a 10 year period, showing the changes and problems that have occurred in Russia within these past years, and also the after math of what has gone on in this country.  Monteleones’ work on Russia differs from showing the beautiful landscape the country has to offer to the people living in it, which can be shown in his stories of work like Russian Portrait, Vissarion, Star City, and many more. He shines a light on the culture and the people, these stories always have the past incorporated with the present; showing how something of ages ago can affect or go on to the present times we are living in. He develops stories out of what people have had to overcome with different incidents that have happened just like so many other countries. He has a unique way of portraying every story and bringing everything to life in his odd ways of photography, yet he captures great moments.

Monteleone shows not only the misery in people’s lives, but the joy and happiness too. He displays images in environments that are meant to seem distant and horrid, but yet beauty comes through. It may be his way of telling the world that even though it feels like humanity is coming to an end, there is hope, there still is good and beauty in our world. He captures the good and the evil, the pleasant and the unpleasant, but every image captures your attention no matter how simple the photograph may look. His stories on Russia have shown how Monteleone is trying to shine a light on these people; although, it is not only the Russians Monteleone is interested in, he has brought his work to different places in the world that have not had exposure on there problems, whose suffering is far from over. Although, even though we do not think of Russia as being a problematic country anymore, because they do not live in the countries that we would consider to have people that are suffering the most, these images display the tough times that the Russian people are still going through. He shines a light on the little people that do not get all the attention from the media. There is no doubt that David Monteleone knows exactly what he’s doing, having been around for this long.

Monteleones work is distributed across the world by various forms of media. His work can be viewed on the web through is website  He has done a lot of publicity/photography for many sports magazines, news articles, advertisements, and here is just a few: Red Cross Help, Earthquake in Abruzzo, Italian Boxe, and so much more. He also has 3 books under his belt called Dusha, Linea Inesistente, and Northern Caucasa. The list of his work just goes on and on, and it will only continue to get bigger!


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